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How Does Colorado Network Staffing (CNS) Work?

Colorado Network Staffing, also known as CNS, is a Colorado-based staffing agency. Our main offices are located in Westminster, Colorado. We work with local and federal government agencies such as school districts, water utility, power marketing administration, and water resource

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Staffing Agencies Help Companies Find Employees During COVID and Beyond

As we all continue to adjust to the impact COVID has had on our lives, businesses, and relationships, we are finding a new normal. CNS (Colorado Network Staffing) is taking this time to focus on our current clients and supporting

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Looking for Work? Build Your Soft Skills

Specific job-related tasks require applicable knowledge, but soft skills are broader. For example, a bookkeeper needs to know how to use accounting software, and hiring one without those skills isn’t wise. However, soft skills are valuable competencies transferable to a

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How COVID-19 Has Changed Hiring and Recruiting

As 2019 came to a close, unemployment rates were lower than they had been in years. COVID-19 changed all that, throwing record numbers of workers into unemployment. With unemployment bonus checks ending, it seems the candidate pool is becoming very

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An Abundance of Candidates? Use These Post-COVID Hiring Strategies

The proliferation of COVID-19,  subsequent lockdowns, and restrictions have changed how many businesses hire employees. Almost overnight, applications, interviews, first days, and training strategies have been forced to adapt and go online in part or entirely. As the cities and

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5 Tips to Help Your Employees With Workplace Re-entry

With states loosening their stay-at-home orders and people returning to their workplaces, people are understandably concerned about the environment they’re returning to. Some may be looking forward to returning to a regular routine, and seeing their coworkers in person again,

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The Difference Between Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Although the terms are similar and sometimes used interchangeably, there is definitely a difference between talent acquisition and recruitment. Recruitment is generally looked at as a short-term solution, filling vacancies when needed. Talent acquisition is more focused, with the goal

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3 Tips to Avoid a Bad Hire

When interviewing prospective candidates, we know they are putting their best foot forward. Sometimes, despite their best effort, we see through any façade and can quickly side-step them. In other cases, we simply don’t see it and end up with

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5 Tips for Overcoming the Labor Shortage

Low unemployment rates mean finding skilled labor is challenging. In today’s gig economy, changes in employee needs and wants, and an economic forecast that predicts continued labor shortages creates innovation and creativity in employers looking to snag top talent. Here

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2020 Staffing Trends You Need to Know

The new year always brings a sense of change. Personal resolutions are made and businesses have an opportunity to revisit the last year and make adjustments for an even better 2020. Eyes turn towards forecasts and trends to help stay

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