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Resume Tips

Tips for Building a Good Resume

What is a Resume?

The goal of your resume is to catch the eye of a recruiter or employer in 10 to 30 seconds – and get you an interview. Once you sit down for a face-to-face interview, you’ll have an even greater opportunity to sell yourself to get the job. But if you never get the interview, you’ll never get that chance. So, your resume must be impressive enough to compel the reviewer to call you.

Before You Start

Do research about employers you are interested in.

Then start planning out your resume. Focus on employers needs, not yours.

Write down a couple brief sentences (maybe at the end of your document) what your work and accomplishments can do for employers. Then start writing what you want to say about yourself that is going to catch the eye of the interviewer(s).

There are some essential elements that you must have in your resume:

  1. Name
  2. Personal Data including email address
  3. Work Experience (achievements, challenges and responsibilities)
  4. Accomplishments
  5. (References) you may have a section for “References”, however, we suggest that you simply state “References available upon request.”
  6. Education and Certifications

The other elements

  1. Languages that you are fluent with
  2. Hobbies
  3. Social life
  4. Other areas of interest

About the resume

  1. Before sending your document keep it clean and neat.
  2. Always use the original copy of your resume
  3. Use white or beige paper and standard size
  4. Print the resume on high quality printers
  5. In typing process use standard font (Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Helvetica…)
  6. Use standard type size (10 or 11)
  7. We recommend including a covering letter when emailing your resume.
  8. If you have more than one page make sure to have your Name on every page.

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