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Job Interview Tips

There are three very important parts of an interview that will determine the impression you make:

Before a job Interview – the preparation

During the Interview – the presentation

After the Interview – the follow-up

Before a Job Interview

First, rehearse everything that you will possibly say on the day of interview. Beside your personal information, work history, education, and references; expect that you are going to be asked how much you know about the employer and what (strengths or assets) you can bring to the employer’s table. Try to remember all positive aspects and accomplishment from your previous employment and use examples of your accomplishments. Also you might be asked about your social life (are you happy with your life, what is the last book that you have read, organizations that you belong. Try to remember those things on the interview because these days employers find it beneficial that their employees have happy fulfilled lives.

Try to practice what you are going to say on the day of interview in front of family members or friends. Tape yourself if you have a chance.

Before you go on interview try to remember couple useful things.

Be on time (15 minutes early would be great)

Dress professionally

Be well groomed

Make up, cologne or perfume should be minimal

Be sure to carry all things that is going to help you on an interview (a copy of resume, writing samples, documents and items that you can show about your prior work, documents about your awards)

Things to watch for that can negatively impact your interview:

Showing up late

Chewing gum

Getting off subject when answering questions

Nervous tapping of fingers or pen/pencil

Too much perfume, and cologne

During The Interview

When you enter the room where are you going to be interviewed start with a greeting, for example: Good morning. I’m glad to meet you and thank you for giving me opportunity to be here today.

Shake hands firmly. After introductions if there is emptiness in the air try to mention nice things that you saw about employers environments (this is a very nice building, office, a plant) anything that is going to make an impression that you are interested in the employers work or environment.

Try to be confident and honest.

Sit straight and make an eye connection. Don’t look around when you are giving answers.

Try nicely if you have a chance (not forcefully) to bring positive aspects about yourself, work, experience, and future job.

Try to show your documents (about your prior work, awards) that you brought with you.

After the Interview

Make a call

Send a Thank You letter or email.

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